manda (punkybrewsta) wrote,

cityscape from the brown line

good morning bloggers!

fun week, lots of work, parents came into town.
watched the storm roll in over lake michigan with an old friend at 2am with vodka and orange juice,
had sushi and red wine outside on a beautiful night and saw WANTED (james mccavoy would be my neighbor judged on how damn close they shot to my apartment) with my favorite man in blue.
david came to town, and i almost wish i was moving to new york just to hang out with him at the end of the day.

had my meeting with the head of training at second city yesterday to ask about the directing program etc,
and i am...intimidated. it's not outside of reason, but the world of improv is way more foreign to me then i thought. she suggested i take some classes (okay, cool i expected that), see lots of improv and theater (no problem, i need to do that more anyway) and audition and join a real improv team (WHAT?! ack! in chicago? eek!) overall, i have no idea if i will be accepted to this program or not. i have a feeling my age is going to be a huge disadvantage. just gotta get involved in a lot of stuff over the next year.

graduated from my first scene in my acting class downtown, and it went really well.
i got assigned to be catherine in 'proof' for the rest of class. omg. omg. omg. yes! (fist pump)
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